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EcoMister Mine Water Evaporation

The EcoMister Portable Evaporator is a mine water management and wastewater disposal system that is environmentally friendly and cost effective. Inspired by the nature, the EcoMister is available in either electric or engine power, and in heavy duty, light duty or custom applications. Ideal for Mine Water Disposal. Solutions include evaporation systems for tailings ponds and tailings pond management.

The EcoMister is a patented product owned by Slimline Manufacturing.


Find Your EcoMister Solution:

- Reduce disposal costs

- Reduce carbon footprint

- Eliminate trucking costs

- Improve compaction

- Control dust

- Increase root growth


The Proof is in the Pond. 

The Mascot Mine in Hedley BC, in 1999. 
Slimline Engineers developed and tested the original prototypes between 1999 and 2003. 



The original site of the tailings pond at Mascot Mine showing EcoMisters at work.



The original site of the tailings pond at Mascot Mine is now returned to near original condition. 




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Amazing Cost Savings


The EcoMister offers a significant cost advantage for your mine water disposal. By enhancing the natural evaporation process, the EcoMister allows you to evaporate waste water in multiple industries such as  Solid waste, Mining, oil and gas , textiles, chemical processing, food and beverage processing and power generation. On average, our customers spend $0.0010 per US Gallon on disposal with no additional trucking costs. 



Single S30LP operation for 7 months in Nevada in the area around Beowawe U of N ranch :

With an average pan evaporation rate of 46%
-    Daily disposal rate for period was 46,041 US gallons
-    Average monthly disposal for this period was 1,431,419 US gallons
-    Total volume disposed in the 7 month period was 10,019,934 US gallons

Disposal cost based on power consumed
-    Total power consumed during operation was 32 KW/hour
-    Power Cost of 6 cents per Kilowatt
-    Our cost of disposing 10,019,934 US gallons of water over a period of 7 months was 0.0010 cents per gallon



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A Natural Solution

Through extensive research and testing, we've developed a standardized process that allows you to safely and consistently separate waste solids without the use of chemicals, filter media or the burning of petroleum products. Our system uses natural evaporation to eliminate trucking costs, improve compaction, increase root growth and dust control, significantly reducing your carbon footprint while reducing cost.





Engineering at its Best

Harnessing the natural process of evaporation is the future of waste water disposal.  Engine powered or electrical, the EcoMister Evaporator series from Slimline uses their patented Turbine technology to loft waste water high into the air, creating sustained ‘hang time,’ and allowing nature to evaporate the water, while the solids are returned to the pond. The solids can be captured, while waste water vaporizes. This process removes the need and associated costs of trucking and fuel, while reducing dust and enhancing root growth at the site. The environmental benefits are meaningful, as are the cost savings. The following diagram illustrates the EcoMister enhanced evaporation process, whereby nature becomes in effect free labor, replacing the need for trucks, drivers and fuel.    


The EcoMister at Work


The EcoMister is available in multiple configurations to meet your unique needs. We offer Heavy Duty models built for the toughest environments and Light Duty models for less demanding operating conditions. We also understand that some mine water management situations are truly unique. Contact us today to learn how we can customize the optimum evaporation system for your project and budget.


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